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・Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 (Yoga Alliance U.S. ®) 

・Mindfulness Teacher Training 150hrs (The Yoga Room)

・Yin Yang Teacher Training 110hrs (The Yoga Room)

・Healing our hearts Teacher Training 60hrs (The Yoga Room)

・Yin Yoga Teacher Training 150hrs (Yin Mindfulness Immersion)

・Yin Yoga Teacher Training 130hrs (Yinspiration)

・Yoga Wheel Teacher Training (JJYoga)

・Dharma Yoga Wheel Teacher Training L1-L2 (Dharma Yoga Wheel)

・Yoga Teacher Diploma 200hrs (IPTA)

・Universal Yoga Teacher Training 100hrs (Universal Yoga®)

・Universal Yoga CET 25hrs (Universal Yoga®)

・Xin Yoga module one Comprehensive backbend Workshop 18hrs (Xin Yoga)

・Vinyasa Yoga: backbend 18hrs (Xin Yoga)

・Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa 12hrs (Pablo Alvarenz L)

・Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Workshop (Dave Farmer)

・Kids and Families Teacher Training (Rainbow Kids Yoga)

・Flyoga™ Flow 2 Teacher Training (Flyoga)

・Flyoga™ Teacher Training Course (Aerial Arts Academy)

・Flyoga Teacher Training Course 1 & 2 (M Aerial Yoga)

・Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Course A & B

・DNS in Diagnosis, Prevention & Therapy of Sport Injuries Workshop (TIFAR)

・Anatomy Trains®  in Motion Cert. Course (Art of Motion Academy)

・NeuroKinetic Therapy®  Level 1 (NKT)

・Co-ordination efficiency to optimise movement retraining for the neck & shoulder (Kinetic Control, Education In Movement)

・Diploma in Anatomy Physiology & Health Science (IPTA)

・Stretching Instructor Cert. (HKSEA)

・Lower Limbs Training (Rocktape)

・Pilates Instructor (Matwork) Cert. (AASFP)

・Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Cert. (AASFP)

・CHISM (Children & Adolescents) Cert. (CHISM)

・Advanced Abs and 3D Core Training (AASFP)

・Specialized Prescription Program: Elderly Fitness (AASFP)

・Exercise Ball Instructor Cert. (AASFP)

・Ladies Shaping and Toning Skills (AASFP)

・Specialized Prescription Program: Pre & Post-Natal Fitness (AASFP)

・Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Certification (AASFP)


・Zentangle® Certified Teacher (CZA)

・Traumatic (PTSD) Healing L1-3 (HKCHT) 

・Cert. in Shadow Psychology & Psychotherapeutic Training (SJS)

・Cert. in Psychology of Fear & Inner Child Healing Course (SJS)

・Cert. Theory and Therapeutic Technique of Gestalt Therapy Course (SJS)

・Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP)

・Certified International Hypnotherapist L1 (IAPC)

・Certified International Dream Analysis Therapist L1 (IAPC)

・Sound Massage Basic & Advanced (Hans de Back)

・Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy Level 1 & 2 (Allpamama Healing Circle)

・Angel Tuners Workshop (Allpamama Healing Circle)

・The Tao of Singing Bowl (Re-mind Workshop)

・Singing Bowl Therapy (Yin Mindfulness Immersion)

・Teaist (Certificate of Occupational Competence)

・Cert. in Aromatherapy Course L1-I (NAHA)

・Aroma Candle Master Cert. Class (KCCA)

・Bee Wax Flower Cert. Class (IFA)

・Soap Cert. Class (TIST)

・Incense Master Cert. CLass (KCCA)

・Perfume Class (KDCA)


・Spiritual Response Therapy (Spiritual Response Association)

・Flower of Life Energy Card Interpreter

・Jikiden Reiki (Shoden & Okuden) Cert. (Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai Institute)

・Reiki Level 1 (Venerable Namgyel)

・Access The Bars (Access Consciousness®)

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